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Just because you’re a mom doesn’t mean you can’t look forward to summer activities that aren’t kid-related. In this post, we’re going to dive into the 27 summer activities for adults that will add tons of fun in the sun all summer long. So grab yourself a bahama mama and let’s get into it.

Summer activities for adults
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Since you’re here, I’m assuming you are just as excited that Summer’s finally here! And while the kids have their hands full with tons of stuff to do, us adults sometimes find it tricky to keep ourselves entertained.

But that’s okay sis! Because I’ve got some cool ideas for you! Check out these 27 summer activities for adults. Yes, it’s tailored just for us. They’re all about seizing the season and having a blast with your friends or special ways to spend more time with yourself.

So whether you’re craving a little getaway from the kiddos or just wanna shake up your daily grind, these suggestions will certainly spice up your plans for fun this summer.

This post is all about summer activities for adults

Outdoor Summer Activities for Adults

1.Go horseback riding

Listen, Beyonce isn’t the only one in her cowgirl era. If you are looking for a fun summer activity add horseback riding to your summer bucket list. Reach out to local equestrian shelters for information on classes or pricing for a simple day of just riding.

2. Attend the county/state fair

Almost everyone I know absolutely loves that time of the year, when the fair is in town. Food, fun and, fresh baked goodies are a great way to welcome in the warmer time of the year.

3. Go to an outdoor concert

As millennial mamas, we don’t always get to get out as much and attend late-night concerts. But, one of my favorite things to do is go to an outdoor concert before the peak of the summer. Enjoy a nice cocktail and kick up the dust a little.

4. Try a new wine at a local winery

Listen, In your list of summer activities for adults consider that any time is wine time when you are just looking to whine down a little. However, it’s always nice to try new local shops and wineries. Attend a wine tasting with friends or just stop by a winery to browse the new summer collection.

5. Host a outdoor movie night

Ok so I admit, this one may take a little bit more work than the others but, it looks totally fun and relaxing. Having an outdoor movie night is something that is personally on my summer bucket list and should be on yours too.

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FREE Summer Activities for Adults

6. Go to a UPICK for Strawberries or blueberries

Having time to be one with nature and ground yourself with living plants is such a wonderful experience. If you know of any local farms that allow you to pick berries and take them home, that place needs to be your next stop this summer.

7. Try roller skating in a park

If you’re a 90’s kid this one is sure to bring back the nostalgia. Give roller skating a try for your summer bucket list. Not only is it a great way to exercise but also a super fun way to venture out of your home.

8. Enjoy a glass of wine on the beach

On the less active side of the house, you can spend the day on the beach and enjoy a nice cold glass of wine. There is something so peaceful and elegant about small moments like this. Take advantage of those moments as a fun summer activity for adults.

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9. Read a book at the beach

If you opted to spend time on the beach with a glass of wine, make sure you also bring a book to read. Reading is such a elegant way to nurture yourself mentally. Stimulate your mind this summer.

Below are a few top-rated books for Self-Improvement:

10. Enjoy a charcuterie board in a flower garden

If you love charcuterie boards as much as I do then take time this summer to learn how to design your board and enjoy it out with your girls.

Summer Night Activities For Adults

11. Have a camping trip with your friends

Glamping anyone? Camping should be at the top of your list for summer activities for adults. Pitch a tent with some of your most favorite mom friends and enjoy a few smores.

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12. Attend a drive in movie with cozy blankets

In some states finding a drive-in movie can be extremely hard. However, if you are one of the lucky people who have access to a drive-in movie theater, load up your car with cozy blankets and snacks and enjoy a film this summer.

Summer Bucket List For Adults

13. Go jet skiing with friends

It’s hard to really have a summer to remember without water being involved. Jet skiing at the beach is rally a great summer activity for adults. This activity can be super romantic too, if you are having a day out at the beach with your significant other.

14. Have a special lunch picnic

I’m sure you have seen those super glam picnics popping up everywhere. Take this time to set up your own and enjoy the nice weather.

15. Go on a local food tour

Way too often we neglect the local activities happening in our city. Over the years, new restaurants and bars pop open around town and you haven’t had a chance to visit them. Well, on your summer bucket list of things to do add a local food tour. Visit the new food spots around town.

16. Take your furbaby to a dog water park

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17. Try a new hobby

Fun Summer Activities for Adults

18. Attend a outdoors yoga session

19. Go to the spa

20. Have a coffee date with your mommy support group (or friends)

21. Host a barbecue with your family and friends

22. Go ATV riding

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23. Make reservations for a bottomless brunch with your friends

24. Attend a networking event

25. Book a staycation at a top rated Airbnb

26. Go on a 3 day cruise

27. Have a pajama party with friends

PJ’s anyone? Having a girl’s night in with your millennial mom friends can be such a relaxing and great time to unwind. Having a pajama party is a great idea for your list of summer activities for adults. Pack your face mask and gel nail polish and prepare for a great night.

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This post was all about summer activities for adults



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