Best Back To School Organization Tips for Working Moms

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Listen mama, I just can’t believe back to school season is here, you know what that means! Morning full of “Mommy I can’t find…”, and just not enough coffee for the chaos. I have a toddler who attends daycare. So I know the feeling all too well. But, guess what? What if I told you that it doesn’t have to be so chaotic? These are the back-to-school organization tips for moms that are 100% TikTok approved!

Back To School Organization
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How many times have you found yourself wandering around the house, lacking productivity, and looking for uniforms and outfits each school morning for your kids?

Yep! Me too… so ridiculous.

Well, that was before I started implementing a routine. Yes! A routine, many moms rave about how beneficial it is to have a routine in place, but they never tell you about the things you need to be efficient in the morning.

Well, I’m here to help! No gatekeeping here! Let’s get right into it. In this post, you are going to learn all about the best “back to school” organization tips. These tips will include how to create an effective and chaos-free school organization system at home at an affordable price.

This post is all about “back to school” organization tips that you need for a seamless and stress-free morning

But, wait! Before we do, let’s take a look at this infographic to gain a real understanding of why these back-to-school organization tips will really change the game for you!

Ok, so listen, it’s not as intimidating as it looks to create an organization routine. I’ve done much of the leg work for you! For FREE! You don’t have to get it now, but you 100% want to get the ultimate mommy planner below and begin creating an organized morning routine for yourself. Again girl, did I mention that it’s FREE?

“Back to school” organization ideas at home

A back to school organization routine is so important. As a first-time mom who gets it, mornings are always hectic when you don’t have a systematic way things function in the house. Some mornings you roll over and just wish there was a genie on your bedside to grant you endless naps (Aladdin fans anyone?) But, I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to feel so overwhelmed each morning.

I’ve inserted a video below of how this mom took school organization to a whole different level with just a few organization supplies laying around at home.

And guess what?!

I’m going to tell you exactly where to get the supplies you need to create this organizer, so you too can have a seamless transition “back to school”.

Create Your Own Back To School Organizers At Home

Acrylic Organizer Drawers

school organization supplies

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Sticker Labels for Organizers

school organization supplies

Rhinestone Alphabet Letters

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the Ultimate Moms Back to School Organization Instructions

Okay Mom, so now you have everything you need to get organized! These drawers are practically all you need for this year’s back to school organization endeavor. Simple right?

Tip #1 Plan the night before school

First things first, plan plan plan. I can not stress this enough, moms! So much of having a stress free school morning, is planning and preparing the night before.

If you’re here reading this then you are already off to a good start (give yourself a pat on the back and a sip of coffee).

If you’re rolling your eyes right now… Just wait! Let me break it down to you.

So, have you ever set your alarm for 6 am for some odd reason, you wake up and its 6:30, and the alarm just didn’t go off. I hate those mornings… they throw off all the feel good vibes, your super tired, groggy, and you feel more confused than usual and you’re scrambling to get yourself and your little one out the door. 

Yep, prepping the night before would have made that late wake-up much less frustrating.

Tip #2 Organize School Clothes

A little secret that productive moms have been hiding for years, is laying out your child’s clothes the night before school. 

I don’t mean just pulling clothes out the closet for visibility. 

I mean having a designated place in your child’s room that is stationed, labeled, and organized just for school mornings. I’m telling you! This is the ultimate game changer for organization, especially for “back to school” season.

A great mom skill to control the chaos in the morning is to utilize organization bins, acrylic drawers, or even a random Amazon box you have laying around in the house (we all have those lol)

I’ve seen at least 12 moms on TikTok use these acrylic drawers to organize their child’s clothes for the morning.

Tip #3 Organize On The Go Breakfast

Use pantry organizers to organize all of your quick breakfast snacks to grab on the way out the door. My family and I absolutely love pantry organizers. We use them so much in our daily lives just for simple mom hacks. (Secret tip: used pantry organizers to organize your breastmilk stash in the freezer to maximize space).

Pantry Organizer

Morning Must Have

These pantry organizers are great for organizing your students’ socks, underwear, or hair accessories in the morning.

Check out the video below to see just how I organize my son’s, snacks for daycare.

Top back to school organization hack for a stress-free morning

Tip #4 Pre-make all lunches/Snacks

I don’t know about you, but preparing snacks, lunches, and bottles for my son always gets me agitated during the morning rush. So I try to limit that as much as possible and I have a game-changing idea that will make your mornings run more smoothly than ever before: prepare school snacks and lunches the night before!

So many moms have been using these lunch containers and I absolutely love them.

I purchased these connectable school snack containers at my local Aldi but, I did the leg work for you and found some similar containers on Amazon! No need to thank me later.

Top Rated School Snack Container on Amazon

Why organized moms love these containers

  • Best twist and lock system for no spill situations
  • Portion control
  • Versatile usage: Great for storing fruit, nuts, candy, and even powdered formula for daycare mornings
  • Safe and healthy material: BPA free

In our house, we have been loving My Serenity Kids and the nutrient-dense food’s they offer. They offer meals like chicken, beef and sweet potatoes, but most importantly and most loved, they offer smoothies, which are great for quick morning breakfast before heading to school. You can try them yourself on the My Serenity Kids website and used code CHARRA15 for 15% off your order or purchase them on Amazon.

Now you should be well prepared for this “back to school” season and ready to conquer hectic-free school mornings with your child. These are the tried and true organization supplies moms are using this school year to prepare for a full year of school mornings.

I would love to know what are some of the ways you plan to prepare for the school year. If you have any tips, tricks, or advice, please drop them below in the comment section. See you next Sunday!

This post was all about back to school organization hacks for busy moms

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Best Back To School Organization Ideas for Busy Moms
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Best Back To School Organization Ideas for Busy Moms
These are the tried and true back to school organization ideas for moms that will make school mornings less hectic and out of control.
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