Amazon Things New Moms Need for Themselves After Birth

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Like many of us moms, when the nesting hits us we spring into action prepping the home, cleaning every nook and cranky, and begin the endless amount of baby laundry for the arrival of a new baby. However, we often neglect the things we will need for ourselves after birth. In this post, we will jump right into the things new moms need for themselves after birth.

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Let me be honest for a moment and say, as a first-time mom I had no idea what I truly needed for postpartum care or even comfort after birth. Because I was slightly unprepared I was uncomfortable, frustrated, and down right lost in the sauce.

Because I want so much more for you, here are my top items that new moms should have for themselves after birth.

This post is all about thing new moms need for themselves after birth


Postpartum Recovery Essentials


1. Disposable Underwear

2. Abdominal Binder

3. Breastfeeding Bras

4. Robes

Emotional and mental health support

6. Sleep mask / headphones

7. Guided Journal

8.The Hatch

9. Mood Support Supplements

Practical Tools and Assistance


1. Baby Wearing Wrap

2. Robot Vaccum Cleaner and Mop

3. Touch Lights

4. Baby Basics Care

Things New Moms Need For Themselves Checklist


Final Thoughts on Things You Need After Giving Birth

I hope this list was everything and more to help you prepare yourself for the care you will need after giving birth. Over on this side of the web, we help build each other up as new moms and provide the advice that is needed for success.

As always, All the items mentioned in this post can be found over on my Amazon storefront.

This post was all about things new moms need for themselves after birth

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