61+ Manifesting Journal Prompts for Personal Growth and Success

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Let me guess! You’re ready to start living your life to your fullest potential. A life that is purposeful and abundant. Let’s start on that path right now with these manifesting journal prompts that will drive you towards your success and purpose in life.

manifesting journal prompts
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This post is all about manifesting journal prompts

Journal Prompts for Manifesting Money

  1. How do you feel about your current standing with money?
  2. What do you want your life to look like with money?
  3. What does “enough money” mean to you?
  4. Describe the fears you have when it comes to money?
  5. What actions can you take to change your relationship with money?
  6. Reflect on a time when you had “a lot” of money. When lessons did you learn?

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    1. Write a letter to your future self in regards to the money in your future bank account and celebrating the achievement
    2. Describe 3 ways to change your financial situation and increase your income?
    3. List the feelings you get when you think about money and describe why you get those feelings?
    4. How can you achieve your financial goals
    5. After reviewing your bank summary, what are the habits and patterns you notice? What would you like to change?
    1. How is your spending aligning with your long and short term goals?
    2. Who is your financial role model? How can you be more like them for your own financial journey?
    3. How does financial abundance support and enhance your dream life?
    4. Imagine your dream lifestyle. How does financial abundance support and enhance that vision?
    5. What financial accomplishments are you able to brag about?
    1. Examine any early encounters or financial conversations you had that might have influenced your limiting beliefs. How can you reinterpret such events to give yourself more power?
    2. Describe your relationship with debt?
    3. Write a few money related things you are grateful for.
    4. Explain how your parents responded to their finances. Was it emotional?

    Journal prompts for manifesting love

    1. How do you want your soul mate make you feel?
    2. Describe the way you and your partner will communicate with each other?
    3. List the qualities you want in a soulmate and explain why they are important to you?
    4. How can you improve your mindset so that you can love someone to the best of your abilities?
    5. What’s standing in your way of finding true love?
    6. What are your limiting beliefs about love? How can work to fix them?
    7. Examine what bad habits and mistakes you often make in relationships?
    8. Write yourself a love letter describing how you want to be treated?
    9. What 3 ways can you make actionable steps towards finding love?
    10. List 15 compliments you would like to give your ideal partner?
    1. What are 10 thing your partner could do to make you smile?
    2. When you think of your ideal partner what do you FEEL?
    3. Describe the feelings you get when you think of waking up each morning in a safe and healthy relationship?
    4. How do you plan on SHOWING UP in a healthy relationship?
    5. Explain 3 things that make you feel like you aren’t deserving of love?
    6. How can you release those thoughts?
    7. Write a love story with yourself as the main character and detail the level of romance you see for yourself
    8. How do you imagine yourself to have positive change in a relationship?
    9. What can you do today to start showing up as this perceived changed person?
    10. Who in your life has the ideal relationship and why?

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    Journal prompts for manifesting dream life

    1. What accomplishments are you most proud of?
    2. Give some advice/reminders to your future self.
    3. When you think of your dream job or lack there of, what do you feel?
    4. List a few things you can do today to make sure you are ready to be present in your dream life?
    5. Think about a time in life when you felt successful, describe that moment.
    6. Is there a gap between your life and your dream life? How can you close it?
    7. What words do you want used to describe you and your life?
    8. List 10 things you appreciate about your life now and how you will carry it into. your dream life?
    9. Imagine your dream life, how can you cultivate the most joy?

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    1. Examine your desires and explain what your dream home will look like.
    2. Why do you deserve the life you are manifesting?
    3. What is my motivation for going after my dream life?
    4. List what you are will to sacrifice today in order to start achieving your dream life?
    5. What challenges might you face in your dream life?
    6. How are you prepared to defeat them?
    7. Provide an example of your motivation behind your dream life?
    8. Describe how you will benefit from your life turning out this way?
    9. What are some steps you have ignored taking to achieve this dream life?
    10. What will take up most of your headspace in your dream life?
    11. List some of the things that will be most important to you in your dream life?
    12. What movie or song reminds you of the dream life you aspire to have?

    This post was all about manifesting journal prompts



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