15 Self Care Sunday Ideas for Moms

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Moms we have a WHOLEEE lot going on and sometimes all we need is a little TLC (Yep, tender, love, and care). In this post, we will get into the top rated self-care Sunday ideas for you to prioritize yourself a bit more.

self care sunday ideas
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But wait, before we jump right in, let me introduce myself. Hi, I’m Char Dion, full-time mom and Certified Motherhood Self-care coach. Through this dedicated blog, I help moms reclaim themselves post-pregnancy and enjoy motherhood to the fullest! If you want 1:1 support to help you find balance as a mom, find solutions to eliminate those feeling of being overwhelmed and support around raising a baby and being a first time mom, click here! I’ll provide you with FREE workbooks and we will set off on a journey of rediscovery! 🙂

This post is all about the self care Sunday ideas

Self Care Sunday Ideas for The Morning

1. Wake up slowly

Taking the time to wake up slowly is probably one of the most soothing things you can do in order to feel rejuvenated throughout the day.

2. Take a moment to self reflect

A crucial self care Sunday idea that needs to be apart of your self-care tool kit is self-reflecting in each moment through out the day. Taking the time to journal with self reflection questions can really be a vital asset to a healing journey.

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3. Get some sunlight

self-care aesthetic

On another note, if you haven’t tried moving your blinds and curtains back to let some sunlight in your home, you are truly missing out.

As such, sunlight is essential for any self care Sunday idea you might have. Natural sunshine stimulates the creation of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that improves mood and reduces stress.

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    4. Embrace slow shower mornings

    Out of all the self care Sunday ideas on this list, taking slow morning showers will be the thing that wakes you up and rejuvenates you almost immediately. Undeniably, This task allows you to start your day with mindfulness and relaxation.

    I can’t rave enough about how the warm water and gentle pace of a shower can really ease muscle tension for us moms. In addition, the unhurried experience provides a mental break and time for self-reflection.

    This calming routine sets a positive tone for the day and can be a therapeutic way to recharge and prioritize self-care.

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    5. Follow through with your morning routine

    Sunday’s can really inspire the laziest sides of ourselves. However, if we are going to be committed to our self-care we must definitely stick to our morning routine. Whatever it maybe… be it a skincare routine, meditation routine, or cleaning routine.

    As moms, we natually gravitate to routines. They enables you to devote time to self-care habits such as meditation, exercise, or eating a good breakfast, all of which can improve your physical and emotional health.

    Besides, your morning routine should be consistent to create a positive tone for the day, lowering stress and enhancing your overall sense of self-care and wellness.

    self-care checklist

    6. Romanticize making morning coffee/tea

    As a self care junkie, I firmly believe in romanticizing simple everyday moments in life. Of the most recommended ways is to romanticize making morning coffee and tea.

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    How to romanticize making coffee/tea as a self-care sunday idea

    1. select high-quality, freshly roasted beans or loose tea that evoke a sense of exclusivity and luxury.
    2. Grind coffee or steep tea slowly, inhaling the rich aroma as you anticipate the the luxury sip ahead.
    3. Use a beautiful, handcrafted or gold plated mug that feels just right in your hands, and pour the hot water over the grounds with deliberate care. Almost, affectionate.
    4. Take a moment before enjoying a sip to appreciate the peaceful morning ambiance, whether it’s the warm sunbeams flowing through the window or the pleasant sounds of nature.
    5. When your drink is ready, appreciate it. This is your moment to relish the delicate aromas that bring warmth to your taste buds with passion.

    7. Enjoy a quiet breakfast on a patio


    One of my most luxurious ways of of practicing self care sunday ideas is enjoying breakfast on an outdoor patio or balcony. The exlusivity of such a moment allows you to connect with nature and breathe in fresh air. As such, iy improves your general well-being.

    Additionally, The quiet outdoor location promotes relaxation and awareness, making it a great place to savor your meal.

    self-care ideas

    Afternoon Self-care Sunday Ideas

    8. Take a walk

    As noted, many moms enjoy the simple and quiet moment alone to enjoy the outdoors. In fact, this is a great self care sunday idea that will allow you to disconnect from household stressors,

    Additionally, the leisurely pleasure of a sunday walk, provides an ideal chance for self-reflection, allowing you to set positive intentions for the week ahead while fostering inner calm and balance.

    9. Get dressed and look good

    Ever felt the need to get dressed and look bomb! Well, do you remeber how it made you feel? I firmly believe in looking good to feel good. Self-care coaches have raved about the importance of applying extra care to your appearance.

    Simply put, when you look good you feel good and that in itself is a great idea for self care sunday rituals. Here are a few of the cutest self care feel good robes for a cozy vibe.

    10. Let your scent steal the show

    Sometimes, a mothers elegance can be hidden in her fragrance. If you really want to spice up your list of self care sunday ideas list, then you want to try different perfumes.

    Using perfumes is a simple but luxurious way to treat yourself on a sunday and boost your confidence after a long week. Smelling good can really boost your level of positivity for the week ahead.

    11. Read books on self-improvement

    Furthermore, reading books that nurture your wellness and guide you to better self-improvement is perfect as a self care sunday idea. Additionally, It allows us devoted time for personal development and reflection. These books provide useful insights and strategies for improving numerous elements of your life while instilling a sense of empowerment and motivation.

    Get yourself a cozy nook with a book you love and really enjoy a self-improvement book. Below I’ve added some of the top recommended books for moms to read for self-improvement.

    12. Use journal prompts to guide your day

    Using journal prompts are one of the most loved self care sunday ideas to guide your day. These are some of the best self care sunday quotes that are great to use as journal prompts.

    On the same note, Self-care coaches will highly recommend journal prompts as they are great at allowing you to establish an understanding of yourself.

    self care sunday ideas

    Self-care Sunday Ideas for Night Time

    14. Review vision board

    It’s a good idea to go over your vision board each night, especially as a self care Sunday ideas. It efficiently emphasizes your long-term goals and desires while also acting as a constant source of motivation and inspiration.

    15. Create a night time routine that is relaxing

    If you are looking for a little extra relaxation as a self care sunday idea then you need to establish a night time routine that you can be loyal to. Night time routines are amazing, because it is a pampered signal to the mind that it is time to wind down for the night.

    self care sunday ideas


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