100+ Magnetically Beautiful Things To Love About Life

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Has there ever been a moment in life where you wondered if you are really enjoying all life has to offer? Or wondered what are the beautiful things to love about life that you might be missing? Here is a list of the beautiful things to love about life that will have you leaping for joy!

beautiful things to love about life
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This post is all about Beautiful Things To Love About Life.

They say that the grass is always greener on the other side. But, honestly what if we all started dissecting the life we currently have and started appreciating all the beautiful things about life instead of wishing for a better life? That would just be something so magnetic and abundant that would take on a life of its own.

Simple Things You Should Love About Life

The potential of tomorrow: One of the most beautiful things to love about life that be often take for granted is the potential for a better tomorrow. Considering that, each day you should look forward to the next and be excited about all that you can accomplish. Set goals each day for your spiritual, personal, and emotional growth.

The present moment: In addition, being in the present moment with your significant other or children is one of the most beautiful things you should love about life. Life isn’t promised for us so each day it is important to value each other and the moments between us.

Honestly, A few tips to help you stay present in the moment is to place your cell phone or other electronic devices in another room. If you’re anything like me then you probably grab your phone to randomly check your social media notifications at random times. This small subconscious habit can keep you distracted from being present in the moment.

Try this tip and let me know if it helps you to connect more with the beautiful things in life.

Shared Experiences with others: Have you ever met someone randomly and realized you both shared a lot in common? Maybe where you grew up or similar college experiences. Maybe you have children the same age. These shared experiences can be super exciting when you come across them. Honestly, those moments are a beautiful thing to love about life.

These shared experiences are beautiful because they connect us all. In a world where there is so much divide and separation. These small shared experiences humanize us all and gently remind us that we are not that different. Life is beautiful and sharing common moments with others highlights kindred spirits in us all.

Healthy relationships: When you think about magnetically beautiful things to love in life, we can’t forget healthy relationships. Not just romantic relationships but the ones you share with family and friends.

Nurture those relationships because those relationships will ultimately be our support system.

The Grace God provides us: God’s grace is so worthy of being placed on this list of beautiful things to love about life. In moments, when we make mistakes or have bad judgments we can rely on forgiveness and the promise of a chance to right our wrongs. This my friends is such a beautiful thing that life offers us.

100 Things To Love About Life

Here’s 100 beautiful things to love about life that will keep you inspired:

  1. The ability to make life (Motherhood has been the most beautiful thing to love about life)
  2. Compassion shown for others
  3. Ability to chase dreams
  4. Self-care Vacations
  5. Warm blankets in the winter
  6. Treating yourself to nice things
  7. Making others feel proud of you
  8. The different colors of the sky at sunset
  9. Love for family and friends
  10. The sound of rain
  11. A good laugh
  12. Family vacations
  13. Teaching your child to pray
  14. Candle light
  15. Random acts of kindness
  16. Luxury purchases
  17. The comfort of routines
  18. Smelling the morning dew
  19. The feeling you have after journaling
  20. Exploring new cultures
  21. Aromatherapy
  22. Words of wisdom
  23. Surgery snacks
  24. Good food
  25. Reading bedtime stories with your kids
  26. Outdoor picnics with friends
  27. A furry companion (woof woof)
  28. The changing of fall leaves
  29. Hot chocolate near campfires
  30. Spending time with your family
  31. Seeing your children worship the Heavenly Father
  32. Exploring yoga
  33. Movie nights
  34. Creating a relaxing home
  35. The smell of coffee in the morning
  36. Watching your child hit developmental milestones
  37. Falling in love
  38. Having a facial treatment
  39. Meeting your idol
  40. Quiet mornings
  41. Creating and using a mommy and me journal
  42. Relaxing with aromatherapy
  43. Motivational speeches
  44. Cozy sweaters
  45. Educating yourself through higher learning
  46. Being yourself around others
  47. Having personal space
  48. Celebrating the Lord with your Children
  49. Late night talks with your significant other
  50. Accomplishing Self-improvement goals
  51. Taking exotic trips
  52. Surprises and gifts from others
  53. The smell of freshly cut flowers
  54. Inspiration received from inspiring quotes
  55. Hearing your children laugh and play
  56. Creating generational wealth
  57. Discovering new local places
  58. Having supportive relationships
  59. The smell of baked goods
  60. Bonding with your pets
  61. Luxury spa days
  62. Having ‘me time’
  63. Experiencing Nostalgia
  64. Meadows of flowers
  65. Quiet moments with God
  66. Laying in bed relaxing
  67. Finding nee passions
  68. Prayer time with your child
  69. Being someone others look up to
  70. Mediation
  71. Appreciation for hand painted artwork
  72. Getting a massage
  73. Handmade crafts
  74. Spiritual experiences
  75. The way the sun meets the ocean
  76. Solitude
  77. Learning your ancestry
  78. Having mommy and me moments
  79. Salty beach days
  80. Exotic vacations
  81. DIY home decor
  82. Getting married
  83. moments in nature
  84. The smell of freshly baked pizza
  85. Self care moments alone
  86. Reflecting on memories
  87. Old photographs
  88. Fresh clean sheets
  89. Good health
  90. Surfing the internet
  91. Sunday mornings at church
  92. Celebrating life accomplishments
  93. Watching fireworks
  94. Trips to Disney world
  95. Watching a garden grow
  96. Overcoming mom guilt
  97. The warmth around a bond fire
  98. Creating projects with your kids
  99. The moment you first meet your child
  100. Collecting memories

Why you should make a list of the beautiful things to love about life

Let’s admit something for a moment… Life and all its beauty can really spoil us at times and make us take it for granted.

Each day that you wake up with family, friends, love, and support you are truly blessed. However, it is not odd for us to despair in the things we don’t have or have negative thoughts.

Making a list of things in life can eliminate those negative thoughts for you. For sure, I know that it will help you to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression.

Additionally, we can’t neglect how It serves as a reminder of the positive, uplifting elements that can help balance out the daily challenges.

Reasons you should make a list of the beautiful things in life?

  • Always You to Shift Focus
  • Encourages Mindfulness
  • Strengthens Resilience

Inspiring Quotes About Loving Life That You Should Journal

You define your own life. Don’t let other people write your script. -Oprah Winfrey

Happiness is not by chance. Its by choice. -Jim Rohn

One small positive action can change the course of your entire life -Unknown

This post was all about beautiful things to love about life.



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