44 Amazon Non Toy Gifts For Toddlers Your Kids Will Adore

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The trendiest and most inventive non-toy gifts for toddlers this Christmas season are the focus in this post. Toddlers are notoriously difficult to buy for, but I’m here to help you out with some great gift suggestions!

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Non Toy gifts for toddlers
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Let’s face it, because they are finicky, toddlers can make holiday shopping either incredibly simple or really difficult. They either have a very clear concept of what they want for Christmas or they don’t and make it very difficult for those who are buying for them.

Simply, many moms of toddlers usually adore manipulatives that will buy themselves some quiet time (without the screen time) and anything that their children can learn from. But shopping for this can get a little boring!

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    Because of such, these Christmas gift suggestion includes more than 40 non-toy items that will but a smile on your toddlers face this season. They are the ideal combination of trendy and educational. These are the top rated non-toy gifts for toddlers you need to buy!

    This post is all about non toy gifts for toddlers this Christmas

    Best STEM non toy gift for Toddlers


    1. Bathtub Suction Science Flask

    This is the Most creative non-toy bath activity for toddlers! It will definitely allow the imagination to run wild

    2. Binoculars

    These are the cutest binoculars on Amazon! These are small and compact which makes perfect for little hands.

    3. Magnetic Easel

    Wow, easels are a super functional and a great way to keep your little busy as you enjoy some quiet time

    4. Science Specimen Kit

    A little girl might be creeped out but MAN! will your little cave man love this set of creepy crawlies.

    5. Bug Explorer Kit

    Kinda piggy backing on the specimen kit above, If you are looking to eliminate some screen time, this is the kit you need.

    6. Insect Catcher

    This little insect catcher makes me so excited for the warmer months. I definitely added this to the cart for my son.

    7. Magnifying Glass

    Magnifying glasses are great non-toy gifts for toddlers because it allows them to really explore the world around them.

    8. Counting Puzzle

    Counting puzzles are so super trendy for moms of toddlers. Puzzles are a great way to keep your child engaged.

    9. Abacus

    I’m literally obsessed with Abacuses. They are such a classic and timeless learning activity that you can use for when your toddler enters preschool days.

    10. Posters

    Teacher moms LOVE fun and educational posters. I think they’re on to something!

    11. STEAM Activity Book

    All things STEAM are super trendy this Christmas season! This is the viral activity book that I’ve been seeing all over tiktok for toddlers.

    12. Crystal Growing Kit

    Omg, I just love this super cute crystal growing kit. Regardless of your toddlers age, this is such a cute and fun way to make memories with your toddler.

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    Best Books


    13. Train Sound Book

    Can someone say Nostalgia! This non-toy gift for toddlers, takes me back to my childhood.

    14. Touch and Feel Turtle Book

    What better way to get your toddler excited about books than these cute touch and feel books! I recommend 10/10!

    15. Piano Book

    This piano book may look like a toy, but you will be surprised at how much your little musician will learn from this book.

    16. Sound Books

    Who else remembers “the hungry calipillar” This book was created by Eric carle. This book is a great subsitute as a non-toy gift for a toddler.

    17. Colorful Books

    Similar, to the last book. This is another non-toy gift for toddlers that will bring you back in time.

    18. Identify Animals Books

    Omg, this is such a simple book but it is perfect for little hands to turn the pages and press the buttons.

    19. Musical learning books

    if you can’t tell by now, we love interactive books with lights and sounds as an alternative option for non-toy gifts for toddlers.

    20. Learning Song Book

    “ABC…123″, This is literally the book you need if you’re toddler is learning letters and counting before preschool”

    Puzzles as a Non Toy Gifts for Toddlers


    21. Sounds Puzzle

    Wow, daddy and I never knew how much we would fall in love with puzzles for our toddler. These are a great Non-toy gift

    22. Montessori Puzzle

    Montessori ideas for young children are super trendy. Montessori learning is all about independent learning.

    23. Colorful Puzzles

    Simply, this puzzle maybe a little bit more advanced as a non-toy gift, however these are great for toddlers under supervision.

    24. Magnetic Puzzles

    Okay, out of this entire list, this is my ABSOLUTE Favorite non-toy gift for toddlers because, it is actually a puzzle. You and dad will be hooked playing with them yourselves.

    25. Transportation puzzles

    HUGE puzzles like these are great for parents seeing to work on their toddlers hand and eye coordination. This puzzle is literally so super cute, I had to add it.

    26. Animal Puzzles

    This is a really great puzzle for teaching your child about animal shapes and showing them how to work things together.

    Arts and Crafts


    27. Pom pom pictures

    This pom pom picture activity is AH-MAZING! I love this a a non-toy gift for toddlers because it’s so creative and hands on.

    28. Paper plate Pictures

    Do you remeber doing paper plate crafts in preschool? I do! and it was so much fun. Now you can do them right at home with your toddler.

    Non toy gifts for toddlers

    29. Paper Bag Crafts

    Without a doubt, paper bag crafts are a huge family favorite! Hence, why you should buy them as a

    30. Sea Animal Crafts

    Going to the aquarium is a all time toddler favorite. Have you ever thought about allowing them to create their favorite sea creature? They will totally love it.

    31. Bead Crafts

    Who doesn’t like a little arts and craft? These bead crafts are perfect for some quality mommy and me time.

    32. Stepping Stone crafts

    If you’re going to non-toy gift route for your toddler, you might want to get them outside a bit more. These stepping stones are a great gift for creativity and fun!

    33. Elephant Planter

    Elephants are LITERALLY my spirit animal! Check out this super cute elephant planter as the perfect non-toy gift for toddlers.

    34. Hand Puppet Kit

    I don’t know what it is about hand puppets but, toddlers love them. You can bet, any gift you can give them this Christmas involving the use of there imagination is a great one!

    35. Window Art

    If you are a 90’s baby you definitely remember the window art phase. These paint and hang art shows are ideal for toddlers because it allows them to complete something from start to finish and admire the results. Love it!

    36. Sticker Art

    Sticker art is a super affordable gift option as a non-toy gift for toddlers. Toddlers adore stickers and they would make a super fun Christmas stocking stuffer.

    Montessori Learning: Non Toy Gifts for Toddlers


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    37. Vocabulary Cards

    Ah! Vocabulary cards this is a really great non-toy gift for toddlers. As moms, we really admire intellectual development. This is an awesome option for your little talker.

    38. Words and Sounds Cards

    If you’re bored of the same old flash card for your toddler, this smart baby box is a family favorite.

    39. Wooden Music Set

    Ok, so moment of truth…There is a love hate relationship moms have with instrumental gifts for toddlers. However, this wooden music set is a great way for toddlers to jam out!

    40. Dry Erase Workbook

    if you are trying to eliminate your use of paper and prevent crayon drawings on your wall, this is an awesome non-toy gift for toddlers learning to express themselves creatively.

    41. Wooden Tracing Board

    Wooden toys are such a trend right now. But, since you are looking for non-toy items, you can try wooden learning sets like this one on Amazon.

    42. Preschool Activity Book

    If your a mom looking to get your toddler ahead of the learning curve, then I totally recommend this activity book for preschool toddlers.

    43. Time activity Set

    Another great non-toy alternative this Christmas is this time activity set. This is one the best for toddlers because they will quickly start to recognize time patterns.

    44. Wooden Time Activity Set

    Similar to the last gift. This non-toy gift is REALLY GREAT! Because your toddler will get the pleasures of building a puzzle, while learning time. How AWESOME is that?

    This post was all about Non toy gifts for Toddlers

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