The Ultimate Go to for Baby Snacks and Meals

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Okay so let’s admit it, sometimes it’s hard to feed our little one’s healthy snacks. Especially, while trying to embrace the whole “summer time fun” thing that Drake sings about. I’ve tried to make my own snacks, freeze puree pops, and even created some Pinterest worthy baby snacks. But, trust me nothing was as nutritious, easy and safe as My Serenity Kids.

my serenity kids
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Tips for transitioning a baby to food

But, first things first… let’s humanize something for a moment. As our little ones grow, it’s only natural to start worrying about how to introduce them to table foods and transitioning them away from the bottle. However, I’m here to remind you that safety is always a top priority. That’s why before I get into my favorite summer baby snacks. I wanted to share some tips and insights into the world of baby led weaning (BLW) and a few thing’s I’ve learned along the way. BLW is an approach that encourages self-feeding and supports your baby’s development. Here’s how you can prepare your baby for this exciting milestone while ensuring their safety.

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    Start at the Right Time: When considering baby led weaning, it’s crucial to wait until your little one is developmentally ready, usually around six months. Ensure that they can sit up unassisted and have good head control. Remember, every child is different, so follow your baby’s cues and consult your pediatrician if needed.

    Safe Environment: Create a safe eating environment by ensuring your baby is seated upright in a high chair or booster seat with appropriate safety straps. Remove any potential hazards like sharp objects utensils (here is my favorite feeding system for babies) or hot food within their reach.

    Appropriate Foods: Offer your baby soft, age-appropriate foods that are easy to grasp and chew. Start with steamed or roasted fruits and vegetables, soft cooked grains, mashed avocados, or small pieces of well-cooked meat. Cut food into finger-sized portions, making it easier for your little one to handle.

    Supervision is Key: Always be present and keep a close eye on your baby while they’re eating. This helps prevent choking incidents and allows you to gauge their readiness for different textures and flavors.

    Encourage Self-Feeding: Allow your baby to explore their food independently, using their hands to pick up and bring it to their mouths. This process promotes fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and a healthy relationship with food.

    Gradual Introduction: Introduce one new food at a time, spacing it a few days apart. This helps you identify any potential allergies or sensitivities and allows your baby to adapt to different tastes and textures gradually.

    Patience and Persistence: Remember, baby led weaning is a learning process for both you and your little one. It may take time for them to develop the necessary skills, so be patient and celebrate their progress along the way.

    my serenity kids

    As moms, we strive to provide our little ones with the best nutrition possible, especially when they are learning to feed themselves. Today, I want to introduce you to two incredible baby food brands, My Serenity Kids and Nurture Life, that not only offer nutritious snacks and meals but also save you precious time in the kitchen. Get ready to discover the perfect solution for your little one’s growing appetite!

    my serenity kids

    My Serenity Kids – Wholesome Meals Made Simple

    My Serenity Kids is a brand that understands the importance of nourishing our babies with real, whole foods. Their meals are thoughtfully crafted to provide a well-balanced diet while introducing a variety of flavors and textures. From their delicious purees to their hearty baby food pouches, My Serenity Kids focuses on nutrient-dense ingredients that support your baby’s growth and development. I was in absolute shock when I seen they offered Bison in a baby food pouch! Yes, girl! I said Bison.

    What sets My Serenity Kids apart is their commitment to using high-quality, ethically sourced meats like grass-fed beef, free-range turkey, and pasture-raised chicken. These proteins are rich in essential nutrients, such as iron and zinc, which are crucial for your baby’s brain development and overall health. The brand also incorporates organic vegetables from farms with a similar mission ensuring a well-rounded meal.

    Nurture Life – Chef-Crafted Delights for Busy Moms

    nurture life

    Okay so this one, I must admit… I don’t know who they created the meals for.. Me and daddy, or the baby. Because believe me when I say that daddy and I were sneaking bites when the baby turned his head! lol yes, its that delicious. Besides the great taste, Nurture Life is a lifesaver for moms seeking nutritious, ready-to-eat meals that cater to their baby’s specific needs. Their menu, are curated to offer a wide range of options suitable for different stages and dietary preferences. Whether your little one is just starting on solids or exploring new flavors, Nurture Life has you covered.

    I absoulutely love how pre-cut the meals arrive. If you’re a mom you know how tedious it can be to cut whole foods with a HANGRY baby on your hip. The foods come prepackaged in containers and are easy for the baby to self-feed. Its marvelous!

    One of the standout features of Nurture Life is their emphasis on using organic, non-GMO ingredients. Their meals are free from preservatives, artificial flavors, and added sugars, ensuring that your baby receives only the best quality food. Each dish is packed with veggies that offer essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and fiber, promoting healthy growth and supporting their immune system.

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    Save Time with Pre-Prepared Meals

    One of the greatest advantages of both My Serenity Kids and Nurture Life is the convenience they offer. As busy moms, we often find ourselves juggling numerous responsibilities, leaving little time to prepare elaborate meals. These brands understand the struggle, which is why their meals come pre-prepared, ready to serve with no additional cooking required. Simply heat and serve, and you’ll have a wholesome, nutritious meal for your little one in minutes.

    Affordable and Nutritious

    Despite their convenience, both My Serenity Kids and Nurture Life prioritize affordability without compromising on quality. They understand that providing nutritious food should be accessible to all families. By offering a range of meal options and customizable subscriptions, these brands make it easier than ever to maintain a balanced and nutritious diet for your little one, all within your budget.

    With My Serenity Kids and Nurture Life, you can feel confident that you’re giving your baby the best start in their food journey. These brands take the guesswork out of meal planning, allowing you to focus on enjoying precious moments with your little one.

    Give your baby the gift of nutritious and convenient meals – try My Serenity Kids and Nurture Life today!

    Wishing you and your little one a happy and healthy feeding journey!

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