From Bump to Baby: Essential Considerations for New Mommies

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Hey there, future mommies! Are you ready to embark on the incredible journey of motherhood? Over the last 9 months I’ve experienced a rollercoaster ride filled with joy, surprises, and a whole lot of love! Now it’s your turn. As you gear up to welcome your little bundle of joy, it’s time to dive headfirst into the exciting world of preparation. From nesting instincts to baby gear shopping sprees, preparing for motherhood means thinking outside of the box sometimes. In this fun and lighthearted blog post, we’ll explore the wonderful and sometimes forgotten ways to get ready for the arrival of your precious little ones. So grab a cup of tea, put your feet up, and let’s dive into 3 great ways of preparing for motherhood!


The anticipation of welcoming a new life into your home is a whirlwind of emotions—a blend of excitement, wonder, and a touch of nervousness. During this magical time, many expectant parents experience what’s commonly known as “nesting.” It’s a primal urge, a deep-rooted instinct that compels us to create a safe, cozy, and nurturing environment for our little one. Join us as we embark on a journey into the world of nesting, discovering how to prepare your home for your new baby’s arrival with love, care, and a touch of organization.

The Nesting Instinct:

Nesting is more than just scrubbing floors and arranging baby clothes—it’s a profound urge to create a haven where your baby can thrive. It’s as if an invisible thread guides you to curate a space that exudes warmth and security.

Declutter and Organize:

Channel your nesting energy into decluttering and organizing your home. Tidy up spaces, clear out unused items, and create dedicated spots for baby essentials. An organized environment brings a sense of calm amidst the bustling preparations.

Creating a Cozy Nursery:

The nursery is the heart of your nesting journey. Choose soothing colors, soft textiles, and functional furniture that cater to both your baby’s needs and your aesthetic preferences. Personal touches, like artwork or handmade decorations, infuse the space with love.

Expecting mom nesting brings a range of benefits that go beyond mere preparation. It taps into a deep instinct to create a nurturing environment for the upcoming arrival. As an expecting mom transforms her home, she finds solace in the organization, decluttering, and arranging of spaces. This process not only provides a sense of accomplishment but also helps reduce stress and anxiety. Nesting encourages bonding with the baby, as the mom-to-be envisions the new chapter ahead. It fosters a sense of control amidst the unknown, nurturing a serene atmosphere that can positively impact her emotional well-being. Ultimately, nesting isn’t just about setting up a nursery; it’s a journey of self-care, connection, and anticipation that lays the foundation for a welcoming and loving home.

The act of nesting also acts as a therapeutic release, as decluttering and organizing spaces brings a renewed sense of clarity and tranquility. Amid the whirlwind of doctor’s appointments, baby names, and nursery themes, these moments of calm can be incredibly soothing for the expecting mom’s emotional well-being.

Furthermore, nesting fosters a powerful bond between the mom-to-be and her baby. As she lovingly arranges onesies and selects stuffed animals for the crib, she’s envisioning the future and eagerly awaiting the arrival of her little one. This anticipation cultivates a connection that’s both tangible and profound, laying the foundation for the journey ahead.

In the midst of a world that can sometimes feel overwhelming, the act of nesting creates a cocoon of serenity and love. It’s a testament to a mother’s dedication, a reflection of her commitment to welcoming her baby with open arms into a space that exudes warmth, care, and devotion. As she meticulously prepares her home, the expecting mom isn’t just setting up a nursery; she’s weaving together the threads of her love, ready to envelop her baby in a world of comfort and affection.

how to prepare for a baby

Start a College Savings Plan.

I started Jeremiah’s college savings account in the first few days after arriving home from the hospital. Starting a college fund for a newborn baby is an investment in their future that holds immense importance. As the cost of higher education continues to rise, a college fund provides a solid financial foundation and relieves the burden of excessive student loans by the time they hit 18. By beginning early, even with small contributions, the power of compound interest can work its magic over time. In addition to starting a college savings plan through our state (Florida Prepaid), I also started him a high yield savings account through ally bank. A college education opens doors to greater opportunities, expands horizons, and equips individuals with essential knowledge and skills. It sets the stage for personal growth, career advancement, and the pursuit of one’s passions. By proactively saving for a child’s education, parents or guardians demonstrate their commitment to providing the best opportunities, fostering a sense of security, and empowering their child to achieve their dreams without being hindered by financial constraints. Starting a college fund for a newborn is a powerful act of love and a long-term investment in their future success.

Your baby’s bedding material and sheets have a big impact on their comfort, safety, and general health. Because Jeremiah has eczema I’ve opted for 100% cotton sheets for his crib. It has made a huge difference in his skin. Your child’s delicate skin won’t itch if you choose fabrics that are soft, hypoallergenic, and breathable. You may establish a comfortable and hygienic sleeping environment by taking temperature regulation, durability, and ease of upkeep into consideration. Furthermore, choosing environmentally friendly and sustainable fabrics sheets encourages a greener future for your child and future generations. Because a delicate touch can mean the world to your darling bundle of joy, choose the fabric and sheets carefully when you arrange your baby’s nursery. See more on this topic in future blog posts.


Introducing Montessori toys during infancy is a wonderful way to foster early development, independence, and a love for learning in your little one. You don’t need to wait until the baby is reaching or crawling. You can start now mama! Yep, introduce it to your one month old. I personally followed the pattern of Eat, Play, Sleep very early on. Your little one is curious of the outside world now that they are here, so introducing them to playtime helps initiate interaction. Montessori toys are specifically designed to stimulate the senses and promote hands-on exploration, allowing babies to engage in meaningful play experiences. These toys often feature simple designs and natural materials, encouraging open-ended play and sparking the imagination. From sensory balls and grasping toys to wooden puzzles and stacking blocks, Montessori toys provide opportunities for infants to refine their motor skills, enhance cognitive abilities, and build confidence through independent discovery. By incorporating Montessori principles into playtime, parents can create a nurturing environment that supports their baby’s natural curiosity, autonomy, and overall development from the very beginning.

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