60 Meaningful Gifts for Toddlers That Will Make Your Heart Melt

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Are you stuck asking yourself, “what do I give a toddler that has everything?” Then you should consider buying these 60 meaningful gifts for toddlers. In this blog post, we will cover all the sentimental gifts you can give a toddler that will last a life-time.

Meaningful Gifts for Toddlers
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This post is about meaningful gifts for toddlers

60 Meaningful Gifts for Toddlers

Non Toy Meaningful Gifts

This personalized star map of a birth night is 100% a meaningful gift for toddlers. This is something they will cherish in their adult years.

Like many toddlers, nighttime can be scary. This night light is super meaningful and can be dear to the heart because it projects bible verses on the walls.

This is such a great first-time bible. It’s full of colorful pictures and adventure. This is such a sentimental gift that every toddler would love.

Omg! This is such a great way to build childhood memories. It’s equipped with a lockbox and blank lines for customization.

This is LITERALLY the best option as a non-toy gift for toddlers that is actually meaningful. Instruments are a great way to inspire creativity and artistry in toddlers. That’s something they can grow with in life. Beside, you might have yourself a little future celebrity.

Without a doubt, toddlers LOVE pretend. As a meaningful gift for toddlers. You buy them this set of dress up costumes. This particular one is great for toddlers because it provokes career exploration for the future.

Also, as a meaningful gift for toddlers consider gifting family travel or preparing for family travel. This suitcase is TO DIE FOR! Can’t you just imagine rolling your toddler through the airport on this cute snail.

Now wait! We might have just changed the game with this one. This ride on suitcase is 100% added to my cart right now. As a mom whos all about experience, this is my idea of a meaningful gift.

Special books they will Cherish

Above all, the gift of education is undeniably a meaningful gift for toddlers. This book is awesome because it introduces littles to the concept of privacy and body safety. “Some parts are private” that is a meaningful lesson for toddlers to learn at an early age.

Comparatively, self-care is recognized more at the adult level, but what about kids. The lesson of self-care and reassurance is a great meaningful gift to provide toddlers.

Wow! Imagine sweet conversations between your toddler and God. This book is a family favorite because it provides a way for children to connect to scripture and how God makes them feel.

10/10! This is a loved book for little ones learning bedtime prayers. If you are looking for meaningful gifts for toddlers that are centered around Christianity, this is a book you need!

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    Markedly, books about emotion management is a popular choice for moms around the globe. Particularly, this book is a great gift for toddlers because, it was developed by therapist!

    Omg, this nostalgic collection of books had to be added to the list. The world of Peter Rabbit is one that toddlers will love. This gift idea is not just one book, but an entire collection. It doesn’t get more special than that.

    Record a story books are the ABSOLUTE funniest and most memorable gifts you can gift a toddler. Press a button and record yourself reading the book to your little. This will 100% be cherished years later.

    Equally, you’re always in my heart is also another great record a story book. This one is super meaningful because it reminds children that you are always thinking of them.

    Keepsake gifts

    If you don’t have a memory book already, this is the keepsake book you need to start collecting meaningful moments for your toddler.

    How cute are personalized DIY Christmas Ornaments? Each year these footprint and handprint ornaments sale out FAST! So, if you are looking for a meaningful gift, grab one of these quick

    Ever had your very own classic book? How about your family’s own night before Christmas story book. You can make this book your own by customizing the names in the book.

    This customized family photo album is great for capturing authentic moments that your toddler will be pleased to see in the future. This is a timeless gift that keeps on giving.

    BEAUTIFUL! Just like the people who have reviewed this product on amazon, I am obsessed with this custom cross. Imagine your toddlers name on it. This is a ideal religious keepsake.

    Puzzles are a great gift because they are not only educational, but they provide moments of independence. This puzzle is great because you can custom the wood with your Childs name.

    As a meaningful gift for toddlers, gift an name letter piggy bank. Banks are always fun for toddlers. When you gift this, don’t forget to share a dollar to start them off!

    If you are a sports loving mom, this might be the most fun and cutest gift for your little one right before super bowl season!

    This is the SWEETEST music box that you could possibly provide as a meaningful gift for toddlers.

    As a super trendy gift for toddlers, you can buy these really cute night lights. Add your child’s name and use it as a keepsake lamp!

    Gift experience

    As moms, we are always looking for ways to get the kids outside. A window herb card is a great meaningful gift for toddlers to learn how to nurture a plant and watch it grow.

    Man, I love a good camping trip with my little. These are the popular outdoor science toys you need for your next trip outside. It comes with a cute magnifying glass, binoculars, compass, insect catcher and net.

    If it’s a rainy day outside, you can still make it outside with your toddler. This playhouse its a tent designed as a treehouse! How awesome!

    Children grow quickly, and as the ultimate meaningful gift for toddlers this height chart is something to be memorable for years to come.

    These balance boards have been VIRAL all over Tiktok. Equal to giving a child surf lessons as a gift, you can buy this balance board as a gift of experience.

    Telescopes for kida re an awesome way to get them interested in space images. Who knows? You’re toddler could discover the next planet.

    This retro find is super cute and fun for toddlers. You could use this item as the center of your next dance party. Or, my favorite thing to do is use this to project lullabies before bed.

    How many times has your toddlers entered the kitchen, intrigued with you making dinner. This kitchen set is all about experience for kids. Allow them to help you make a loved treat.

    This gift will allow you to create lasting memories with your toddlers. Similar to the last item, this is such an awesome meaningful gift for toddlers to discover new cultures, flavors, and meals.

    Wow! a tent like this will be perfect for building cognitive and imaginative skills. The gift of fun is awesome for a meaningful gift for your toddlers.

    Family Time as a gift

    A deluxe s’mores kit will be a family favorite. It is so nice to spend moments together and creating memories. This in its self is a great meaningful gift for toddlers.

    As a child I think we were all obsessed with Karaoke. This one is super fun because your toddler can have their own little dance party at home with mom and dad.

    Similar to the s’mores kit, try a fondue maker with some healthy snacks. Your toddler will love being able to dip yummy strawberries into something rich and sweet.

    Popcorn anyone! If your toddler is anything like mine, they love some buttered popcorn. This kit allows you to have a family fun night with seasoned popcorn as the center.

    This gift idea is perfect for those summer days when the family is outside enjoying the weather. This yard game set is great as a reminder of how meaningful it is to spend time with family.

    Omg! This is the center of many of our childhood as a 90’s baby! Why not allow your toddler to create meaningful memories the same way that you did.

    This super large water slide has been all over social media. This is the perfect gift for a family party. Your toddler will have endless amount of fun with this water slide.

    More bubbles, more fun! Bubbles are great no matter the age. However, Toddlers LIVE for great moments with bubbles. This bubble machine is awesome because it spins!

    Wow, we’ve covered a great dance party items. But, a dance party isn’t a dance party without these awesome lights.

    Buy this 20 piece story-time finger puppet set for toddlers. Allow your toddlers imagination to run wild. This in itself is a great meaningful gift for toddlers.

    Education as a gift

    This robot for kids is ridiculously smart! It is a great meaningful gift for toddlers because it is programmed to assist with curiosity, empathy and humor for toddlers.

    Learning through play is a great way for toddlers to stay busy while learning. This is an awesome gift idea for toddlers.

    Wow, what a challenge! Advance puzzles make awesome gifts for toddlers because it enhanced fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

    This is AH-MAZINGG! This microscope for kids is the perfect meaningful gift as it deepens scientific curiosity. The gift of education is always a good gift for toddlers.

    Endless fun! That’s how I would describe this gift idea for toddlers. This science experiment is awesome because it is based in STEM and offers family bonding in educational tasks.

    Wooden puzzles are a toddler favorite as a gift. These types of meaningful gifts for toddlers are sturdy, bright and will last for years to come.

    This smart globe for kids will be so much fun for your little. Can’t you just see the smile on their face. This toy has LED constellations, zodiac signs and the milkyway.

    Wow! Just check out this Wooden shape sorting clock. This is such a good meaningful gift for toddlers because learning time is something they will carry with them for life. Why not start learning now?!

    Families have loved butterfly kits and catchers for years. This is something everyone in the family can do together.

    It wouldn’t be right if I missed out on including a career exploration coloring book. This specific one is great for African-american boys. There is something special about kids seeing images of themselves in activities. This is a meaningful gift for toddlers to explore.

    This post was all about the meaningful gift for toddlers.

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    1. I love finding nee books for my daughter to read. She’s becoming a bookworm like me. Lol. Thanks for the suggestions.

      1. Tiffany,
        Thanks for contributing to the conversation. Books have been one of my favorite things to collect for my son ever since I was pregnant with him. In fact, I try to read to him multiple nights throughout the week. If you are looking for more book recommendations, don’t hesitate to reach out.

    2. Nice list! My daughter is 5, so not a toddler anymore, but this still applies. No one needs more basic “toys,” but a bubble machine? What a great idea!

      1. Hi Amber,
        What a blessing! Toys scattered around the house can sometimes drive me crazy. However, they can be really beneficial to learning if we as parents pick the right “toys” or non-toys (my personal favorite).

    3. These are great ideas! Love these!

      1. Hi Hannah,
        I am so glad that you loved these meaningful gifts. What do you think I missed from this list?

    4. This is a great gift list for toddlers. I love the variety of ideas you have, especially the family ones. It’s always so fun when you can give something everyone can enjoy together…toddlers included!

      1. Hey Katie!
        Thank you so much! I feel the same way when it comes to having family time and including the toddler. I’ve been really trying my best to find great ways to include the 1 year old in all the things we do create memories as a family. What is something you do with your toddler to cultivate inclusive family memories?

    5. I love what you’ve chosen on this list! My kids all had those beginner Bibles and loved them! And i will be buying on of those ride on suitcases for my grandson! Pure genius!

      1. Hi Susan,
        I am a huge fan of kids bibles. I loved them as a child and as a mom, I love them for my child. Also, that ride on suitcase is a DREAM! It looks so fun and I know the kids will absolutely love it.

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