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Picture this: You’re at a cozy restaurant, savoring the rare luxury of a meal out with your adorable little one. The gentle hum of conversations and the delicious aroma of food fill the air. As you try to enjoy a few moments of grown-up time, your baby is happily perched in their high chair, eyes wide with wonder, ready to explore the world through their tiny fingers.

But then, the inevitable happens. With a mischievous grin, your baby decides that their carefully prepared meal deserves a more artistic presentation—on the floor!

One piece of food after another takes a gravity-defying journey, meeting the floor with a resounding thud that echoes through the restaurant. You can’t help but chuckle, knowing that every clatter brings both curiosity and giggles from your little one.

As you reach for the bottle to offer a soothing sip, your baby decides that the floor deserves a taste of that too.

The bottle, which was once a cherished companion, now becomes a temporary flying object, testing the limits of both gravity and your reflexes. Amidst the clinking of cutlery and the hum of conversations, you find yourself in a hilarious dance of retrieval, bending down to retrieve each fallen treasure.

The waitstaff, seasoned in the art of observing family dining acrobatics, exchanges knowing smiles with you. A kind stranger at a nearby table gives you a sympathetic nod, a silent acknowledgment of the universal truth that babies and gravity share a special bond. And there you are, in the midst of it all, embracing the mess and the mirth of this scenario.

In the end, the food on the floor and the bottle on their brief journey become part of the memory. However, with the busy baby mat, moms can now how a peaceful dining experience without the mess.

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Ah, mealtimes with babies—a delightful blend of giggles, gooey smiles, and, let’s face it, a fair share of food-related adventures. As parents, we’re always on the lookout for clever solutions that make our lives easier and our little one’s experiences more enjoyable. Enter the unsung hero of the dinner table: the busy baby mat

The Busy Baby mat has taken on the baby product industry by storm. Their products offer a line of placemats for infants and toddlers that suction to a table, wall, refrigerator, airplane window and whatever else you can think of.

This post is all about Busy Baby Feeding Mats

The benefit of it being able to suction to so many things, is that you can attach teether, and toy. It even allows you to secure your child’s bottles and cups so that they won’t hit the floor.

This line is budget-friendly and specifically designed for parents on the go looking to make daily activities seamless and enjoyable as possible. 

Let’s be real—babies have an uncanny ability to turn mealtime into a confetti of food splatters and spills. This is where the suctioned placemat from busy baby comes to the rescue.

With its non-slip grip, the mat sticks securely to the table, creating a barrier that’s tough for your little one to breach. This means fewer flying utensils, less toppled-over bowls, and most importantly, minimized mess.

And when the meal is over, cleanup becomes a breeze.

Simply peel the mat off the table, give it a quick rinse, and you’re ready to roll. No more hours spent scrubbing spaghetti sauce off the floor or chasing rogue peas around the room.

Time saved? Check!


As any parent will tell you, the dinner table isn’t just a place to eat—it’s a platform for exploration and experimentation.

Suctioned placemats enhance this experience by meal time food and snacks securely in place. Gone are the days of your little one gleefully tossing their meal onto the floor (and grinning at your reactions).

With the busy baby mat’s grip, their focus shifts to actually enjoying their food, while you can relax knowing that most of it will end up in their tummies rather than on the floor. And guess what? …I haven’t even gotten to the best part!

This baby feeding system company is woman-veteran owned with an incredible story to tell. Beth, the owner was featured on Shark Tank and ultimately turned down the “shark” offer. For what seemed like an once and a lifetime opportunity, beth believed in the Busy Baby mission and wanted to keep a steady course to help moms like you. You can read all about her exciting story here.

If you’re a new mommy, rocking a newborn as you’re reading this… the toddler stage comes quick so consider the checking out the busy baby mat for all your mealtime needs. Whether you’re dining out or embarking on a family vacation, the convenience of a suctioned mat for your baby shines even brighter.

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    The busy baby brand offers Mat, Bungees, Feeder spoons, and teethers. Their simplistic design offers a safe and functional way for parents to clean the products or attach them to bungees specifically designed for the mat. 

    Busy baby mat
    Busy Baby feeding system

    This feeding mat brand and all their products are definitely must-haves for your baby checklist. I’ve really been enjoying using these baby brands in combination with the busy baby mat. If you already have the busy baby mat comment below something you attach the bungee’s too! Check out their site here www.busybaby.com/ where they always have sales and deals. Use my code Char20 at check out for added money off. 

    With its quick cleaning prowess, mess-minimizing magic, and travel-friendly nature, this unassuming table topper is more than just a mat—it’s a game-changer. So, fellow mamas, the busy baby mat is an essential in my book! Say goodbye to the food-floored battlefield, and hello to the world of effortless mealtime enjoyment. Bon appétit, little ones! 🍽️👶

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