7 Effective Teething Baby Relief Remedies For Restful Nights

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So, your teething baby won’t sleep at night? These are the tried and true teething baby relief essentials you need to know about.

Teething Baby Relief
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Ah, those happy mommy milestones, from the newborn’s first coos to those heartwarming giggles. Then there is the teething stage, which puts even the most patient parents to the test. If you’ve ever seen your child’s small pearly whites erupt with a vengeance, you are familiar with the tears, restless nights, and helpless desire to soothe their agony. We moms are master problem solvers, and we wear the cape of authority when it comes to calming down our teething babies!

Let’s face it, there is a lot to be nervous about as a first-time mom. However, the teething phase is one of those things you can prepare for and survive without freaking out (like I did). As a first-time mom myself with a baby who is currently going through the teething phase (literally as I’m typing this), I am giving you the top teething relief essentials that my family and I swear by for all babies in our clan.

You are going to learn all about teething baby relief favorites from teething toys, the best teething gel, how to soothe a teething baby at night and more.

After learning about all these teething baby remedies you are going to be a pro and ultra prepared for this new mommy milestone.

This post is all about providing a teething baby relief and comfort, with remedies and essentials.

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    Best Baby Teething Essentials:

    1.The Best Teething Gels

    Having a cranky baby at night is just as bad as having a cranky baby during the day. Orajel clearly understood the assignment when it comes to providing a teething baby relief and moms peace of mind when creating this daytime and nighttime cooling gel. But, particularly at night, I 10/10 recommend if your baby teething baby won’t sleep through the night.

    Most affordable places to buy teething gel:

    Amazon $6.12

    Walmart $6.12

    Dollar General $3.65

    2. Best Teething Oil For Teething Baby Relief

    One of the main essentials to provide a teething baby relief is teething oil. Moms all over TikTok have raved about the benefits of teething oil. This exact Natural Teething Oil is top-rated on Amazon and provides quick teething relief for babies.

    Look for teething products that soothe tiny gums and promote natural pain relief for babies. If you prefer a more homeopathic route to providing your teething baby relief, a similar teething oil or tablets maybe best for you.

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    Best homeopathic teething relief for babies:

    3. Best Teething Drops

    If you’re an all-natural mama, Kudos to you! There is a whole army of mamas just like you standing strong behind these teething drops. Like many of the reviews vouched for, this just simply works!

    And it works fast! (hint hint – The baby will be able to go right back to bed if he/she wakes up with sore gums)

    This is the best product to use if you are looking to get more sleep for yourself and baby.

    4. Best Teething Tablets

    These are one of the highest-rated teething tablets on Amazon. In full transparency, I have never used teething tablets, but I thought I would include them for moms looking for an alternative to teethers, gels, and oils.

    As with everything please do your research and figure out what works for you and your baby.

    The Best Teething Baby Toys

    t items you need…

    Don’t Buy Teething Toy’s Until You Read This…


    Teething is a natural process during which an infant’s first set of teeth, known as primary teeth or “baby teeth,” emerge through the gums.

    Common Signs

    Common signs of teething include increased drooling, irritability, swollen or tender gums, a desire to chew on objects, and disrupted sleep patterns.


    The gentle vibrations can help soothe the soreness and promote increased blood flow to the gums, aiding in the natural eruption of the baby’s teeth.

    5. Teething Mitten

    This one I am excited to share. we all have seen these teething mittens and I am here to say you won’t regret this purchase.

    Have your little one rub their sore gums with this mitten right before bed and enjoy some satisfying and restful sleep.

    6. Vibrating Teethers

    Isn’t this little octopus adorable? The best thing about this vibrating toy teether is that it has silicone ridges to massage sore gums. It’s definitely a gem!

    This EXACT teether was one of my family’s most recommended items for providing a teething baby relief and comfort through the night.

    Similar to the teething mitten, the sensations of vibration on your baby’s gums will reduce the pain and stimulates the gums.

    7. Silicone Teethers

    Listen! this is the TRUTH as a mom who has tried just about it all, If I had to choose just one brand for my baby for everything I would confidently say run to FridaBaby!

    They just get it. Just look at the concept of this teether.

    Moms spend so much money just trying to find the perfect silicone teether to provide their teething baby some relief. The truth is IT’S TOO COLD for them to hold in their little hands mom! So, no they AREN’T going to use it.

    Outro: Embrace Your Parenting Journey with Teething Wisdom

    As we come to the end of this teething relief journey, think about the many little smiles we’re about to bring. Your dedication to soothing your baby, your determination to try these remedies, and your endless love have come together to make a cozy place for your teething little one. You’ve taken on your role as moms and turned challenges into chances to learn and connect. But remember, this is just the beginning of your journey as empowered parents; it’s not the end.

    If you found this post helpful or have any teething item recommendations please leave your comments down below! I would love to share ideas back and forth! If you made it to the end of this post, don’t forget your downloadable freebie.

    This post was all about providing a teething baby relief and comfort, with remedies and essentials.

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