40 Simple Me Time Ideas For Busy Moms

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So mamas I know what you’re thinking? This whole “me time” thing is just a myth, especially as busy moms. Well, just give this post a quick read because here we’re about to crack the code for all things motherhood self-care! In this post, we’re diving head first into 40 simple “me time” ideas crafted just for you. So, go ahead, Let’s hit pause on the diaper-changing, school runs, and bedtime stories because today is all about nurturing yourself.

me time ideas
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This post is all about quick me time ideas

But wait, before we jump right in, let me introduce myself. Hi, I’m Char Dion, full-time mom and Certified Motherhood Self-care coach. Through this dedicated blog, I help moms reclaim themselves post-pregnancy and enjoy motherhood to the fullest! If you want 1:1 support to help you find balance as a mom, find solutions to eliminate those feeling of being overwhelmed and support around raising a baby and being a first time mom, click here! I’ll provide you with FREE workbooks and we will set off on a journey of rediscovery! 🙂

Top five “me” time ideas

  1. Journaling for self-reflection
  2. Outdoor yoga or excercise routine at the park
  3. 15 minute audio meditation session
  4. Enjoying a Bubble Bath Escape
  5. Complete an adult coloring book page

Keep reading for the rest!

Why is “Me” time important for moms?

As moms, we spend the majority of our “free time” trying to maintain the home, folding laundry, or planning dinner for the evening. I mean, let’s face it… its the only time we have to get things done without a baby on our hips.

However, it’s time we establish mindset shifts about our “free time” and turn it into “me” time.

For many reasons, moms need “me time,” which is essential to their general wellbeing. The opportunity for much-needed rest and relaxation is its primary benefit.

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    It’s obvious, that motherhood is a physically and emotionally taxing job, so taking time for oneself helps moms refuel, lowering stress and preventing burnout. “Me time” also promotes emotional stability and mental clarity.

    Likewise, It gives moms a time to reflect on themselves, assisting them in upholding a strong sense of identity independent of their duty as caretakers. In turn, this promotes better mental health and resiliency in the face of everyday difficulties.

    Moreover, making time for personal interests and hobbies is crucial because it improves a mom’s happiness and fulfillment, which in turn improves her connections with her kids and her partner.

    Me time ideas for moms

    Me” Time Ideas At Home

    1. 15 Minute Skincare / Makeup Routine
    2. Meditation Session through a favorite relaxation app
    3. Read relaxing poems in a cozy reading nook in your home
    4. Create a romantic bubble bath experience for yourself
    5. Treat yourself to some wine and chocolate

    Late Night “Me” Time Ideas For When The Kids Are Asleep

    1. Read the bible and write down some of your favorite verses
    2. Create list of your favorite relaxation journal prompts
    3. Create a vision board of your dreams and aspirations for the future
    4. Build a pinterest board of your favorite self-care items you look forward to buying on amazon
    5. Read blog post about self-improvement and personal development

    Creative Ideas To Spend “Me” Time Alone

    1. Attempt to draw or paint your favorite scene from your favorite movie
    2. Make a charcutere board
    3. Try a DIY mason jar activity from pinterest
    4. Rearrange the decor in your home to match the season
    5. Test different essential oils in your home to match the mood of each room

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    Outdoors “Me” time ideas

    1. Have a french inspired picnic in the park
    2. Take a walk near a pond with ducks to feed
    3. Join a outdoor yoga group
    4. Spend time Soaking in the pool
    Me time ideas from video creator: Meghna Verghese on YouTube

    Fitness “Me” Time Ideas

    1. Practice yoga
    2. Sign up for a at home workout program
    3. Go to the gym a few times a week
    4. Sign up at the Family Y and take a Swim
    5. Practice HIIT workouts.

    Me” Time Ideas for Early Mornings

    1. Make a starbucks inspired cappacino
    2. Read outside
    3. Finish a page of an adult coloring book
    4. Do a full morning skincare routine
    5. Make a night elegant breakfast for yourself

    Pampering “Me” Time Ideas

    1. Take a long shower
    2. Reset your mind with morning affirmations
    3. Do a hair mask
    4. Listening to a morning meditation track
    5. Refresh your nails

    Me” Time Ideas for Intellectual Stimulation

    1. Complete sudoku or crossword puzzle
    2. Study a new skill
    3. Listen to a podcast that will develop your business ideas/goals
    4. Work on your goals
    5. Have a conversation with someone who insights intellectual conversations

    Challenges faced by busy moms in finding time for themselves

    Unpredictable Schedule for Consistant Alone Time

    Scheduling “me-time” into your busy life sometimes requires consistant moments in life that allows you some alone time or simply a brake away from normal task of motherhood.

    Sometimes that’s not possible…if you don’t establish time-blocking in your family for your self-care.

    If you’re struggling to understand time blocking or establishing routines,


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      Lack of Support

      Additionally, lack of support is another challenge that moms face when attempting to implement moments of “me time” in their lives. Being a single mom, a mom of multiple littles, or a mom in a difficult relationship may not have the support that is needed in order to prioritize self-care rituals.

      Mommy Guilt

      Whew, mom guilt. This is a heavy one because, it is something super common in motherhood that terrorizes us.

      If mom guilt is holding you hostage from practicing any me time ideas you have. then practice these mom guilt affirmations to get you to a comfortable space. But, most importantly remember that, Self-care isn’t selfish!

      me time ideas for moms

      How to schedule “me” time

      First things first, create time blocking schedule to allow for better time management. Time management is the key to getting all things done at home and making room for some of these “me” time ideas.

      With this in mind, we’ve crafted this planner as your new secret weapon for simply “getting it done”. Time management isn’t always easy and with creating a morning routine that sets the tone for the day you can be sure you will have plenty of “me” time through out the day.

      Imagine sipping that cup of coffee in peace or stealing a few moments for self-care without the chaos. If thats totally your vibe make sure you download the free planner below!

      Social “me” time ideas

      1. Virtual Coffee Date with a Friend
      2. Join a mom group in person or on facebook
      3. Host a girl’s trip
      4. Attend a virtual workshop

      Common Misconceptions About Taking Time For Oneself

      Because, there are many misunderstandings about moms taking time to nurture and care of themselves. Many moms avoid making “me time”.

      Some people think it’s conceited or an indication that a mother can’t prioritize the things happening in life. Others might perceive it as a luxury rather than a necessity and believe that if she indulges in it regularly, she is disregarding her responsibility as a mother, or neglectful.

      These are absolutely far from the truth!

      Having moments of self-care or engaging in me-time activities, Is not a sign that a moms is being ungrateful or selfish, though; taking a break is about keeping moms happy and sane.

      Like putting your own oxygen mask on before helping other passengers on a plane. Allowing yourself a little “me time” is not neglect; it’s just excellent parenting to keep you sharp in the long term.

      It’s time to debunk these misconceptions and with the help of a certified self-care coach, we can help you to that place. 

      Final thoughts on “Me” Time Ideas

      Setting the Stage for “Me” Time Building a relaxing home

      Making your house tranquil creates the ideal environment for happy “me time.” Start with organizing and decluttering your home because a neat environment reflects a tidy mentality.

      To make your favorite area even more appealing, think about adding soft, comforting textures like blankets and cushions.

      Utilize scented candles or essential oils to capitalize on the benefits of aromatherapy. Use warm lighting to create a relaxing atmosphere. Include sentimental elements like happy pictures or artwork.

      A crucial component of “me time ideas” is creating a peaceful home environment so that, when you do finally have some time to yourself, you are engulfed in comfort and serenity.

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