Mommy and me journal ideas to get closer to your kids

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There is nothing better then the feeling of having a strong bond with your little. From early morning snuggles to late night giggles, each moment fills your heart with joy. If you are looking for another great way to strengthen the bond you have then keep reading to check out these mommy and me journal ideas.

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This post is all about mommy and me journal ideas

Benefits of Mommy and Me Journals

A Mommy and me journal is a single journal that a mother and child share together. This journal has been known to allow both people to share their thoughts, emotions without fear. Things that are difficult to share verbally can become easier to address with one another through written communication. Not only is it effective communication, but it helps to establish a bond between a parent and child as a shared activity and vulnerability.

Mommy and me journaling is such a creative and relaxing way to share concerns or ideas with your child. This is important because parent-child relationships are vital to successful family dynamics and overall wellness for mother and child.

Tips for Successful Mommy and Me Journaling

To ensure a great experience with your child when starting to journal together, make sure you both have the time to participate. This will not only aid in consistency but make you both feel like the other is engaged and happily participating.

The most important aspect of mommy and me journaling is to set a tone of safety and freedom for discussion. This means that within the book, you’re child knows that it is a judgement free zone to express themselves and have difficult conversations.

As moms, sometimes it can be hard to remove the parenting hat when our children express something that goes against the grain. However, within the journal attempt to play a new role that provides advice instead of parental rules.

Once you create a safe space within your mommy and me journal you can expect honesty and open communication from your child. In these moments, continue to encourage the honesty and provide positive reinforcement.

Additionally, be the prime example of what you expect for the journaling between you and the child. When you first start the journal your child may be confused about what to write about or what to share.

You can be the first to launch the flow of discussion by using prompts or open ended discussions.

Consistency is key. Keep the mommy and me journaling consistent to see the full effects of it on your relationship and reap the benefits of nurturing the relationship with your child.

As you can imagine, journaling with your child can be a task that not only forces you to address how your child is feeling but also check in with your own mental and emotional well being. That being said, celebrate the communication between you and your little.

Mommy and Me Journaling Ideas for Self-Reflection

Prompt driven journaling is when you use a guided journal prompt to propel self-reflection, deeper thinking, or to break the ice for other thoughts and discussions for journaling.

This is a great mommy and me journaling idea because it gives you a great entrance / introduction for successful journaling with your child.

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A great idea for your mommy and me journal is to write thank you note to each other or small messages that express appreciation for one another for something special that happened that day.

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Besides gratitude journaling, another mommy and me journaling idea is establish goals together. Within your journal have your child write short term and long term goals they would like help with achieving. Together use the journal to track progress and celebrate the achievements

This is also a great way to hold each other accountable.

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Vulnerability journaling

If you’re wondering what vulnerability journaling is, It entails exercising active listening and empathy, encouraging self-reflection with suggestions, and modeling trust as a parent.

You develop trust, empathy, and resilience in your relationship via consistent journaling with your child, which builds emotional intelligence and fortifies your bond.

The best way to continue vulnerable dialogue with your child is by maintaining trust and valuing privacy. Because of this, you start to enable your child to open up to you about their thoughts, feelings, and experiences, which fosters healthy dialogue and personal development.

Types of things to write in your mommy and me journal:

  • Sharing fears, worries, and joys
  • Discussing challenges and how to overcome them
  • Memories and experiences
  • Use your journal to document special moments

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    How To Make A Mommy and Me Journal

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    This post was all about mommy and me journal idea



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