93 Cutest Family Halloween Costumes That Won’t Hurt Your Wallet

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Halloween is rapidly approaching, which means that costume preparation is about to begin for families all throughout the country. In this post, we will dive into the top rated and cutest family Halloween costumes to kick off the spooky season! Not only will you know the trending costume themes for this year, but, I will show you EXACTLY how to create these popular family Halloween costumes for each family member.

Cutest family Halloween costumes

This post is all about the cutest family Halloween Costumes

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I’ve compiled a list of the BEST Halloween costumes I could find… simple, inexpensive, with a dash of Disney thrown in (let’s be honest, that’s a fairly important part of convincing the kids to collaborate on a family Halloween costume).

These family costume ideas are suggestive of a family of three. Showcasing a costume for each individual family member, the total amount of costume ideas equal to 93! HOW EXCITING!

However, if you’re looking to turn heads this Halloween season, there are a few common family costumes you just DON’T want to wear! I’ve listed them below!

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    What Are Three Common Halloween Costumes:

    1. Witches: Families of three might want to steer clear of witch costumes for Halloween as it is as common as pumpkin spice lattes in October (but who doesn’t love a good pumpkin spice). Opting for something more unique could lead to a cauldron of creativity bubbling over, allowing families to conjure up a costume concept that truly stands out amidst the sea of spellcasters. After all, who wants to blend into the coven when you can stand out as the stars of your own whimsical show?
    2. Vampires: Families of three might want to skip the vampire costumes for Halloween, as these fanged favorites have become as stale as a coffin’s air. Capes and plastic teeth are just so outdated.
    3. Zombies/mummies: Just NO! steer clear of zombie or mummy costumes for Halloween. Opting for a more original idea could ensure your family’s costumes don’t end up as just another cliché in the spooky season’s tomb of overdone looks. This year, choose a concept that’s as alive and vibrant like what we are about to dive into

    Before we jump right in, I want to let it be known that I do NOT own these images. For proper credit or removal, please email me at chardionpr@gmail.com for adjustments.

    Keep reading for the cutest family halloween costumes

    1. Monsters Inc (1-3)

    Recreate this Fun Family Halloween Costume:

    How could you not do this family Halloween costume with your crew?!

    Even better, make sure you style your hair in pigtails to resemble boo! This will definitely steal eyes all night for Halloween.

    2. Flintstones Family Costumes (4-6)

    Recreate this family Halloween costume with a baby boy:

    Certainly, If you’re a millennial mama, this one is 100% for you! Channel your childhood by doing a super fun throwback with your family for the next Halloween party you attend!

    3. Farmers and The Calf (7-9)

    Recreate this Halloween Costume:

    Explicitly, out of all 93 cutest family Halloween costumes, this has got to be my favorite. It is so easy to put together and looks really cute an infant.

    Add a really cute plaid shirt and you have a costume everyone will love.

    How do you dress like a farmer?

    To dress like a farmer, you 100% need to embrace a rustic and practical style that pays homage to the agricultural way of life. Slip into denim overalls or jeans that have seen their share of action, and top it off with a plaid flannel shirt that’s as classic as a scarecrow’s grin. Cinch that shirt with a leather belt, and cap off your rural runway with a straw hat that’s a real head-turner. Slide into some rugged work boots, add gardening gloves like a pro, tuck a bandana in your pocket for that extra flair, and throw in a mini pitchfork or pail for that ‘just-harvested’ vibe. You’ll be the crop-tivating star of the Halloween harvest!

    4. Ratitullie (10-12)

    Recreate this affordable family costume idea :

    An epic disney inspired costume idea to do with your family that is so good everyone at the Halloween party will remember it forever.

    And pretty unique!

    5. Safari Explorers (13-15)

    Recreate this Family Halloween Costume:

    Step into the wild side this Halloween and unleash your inner adventurer by donning the attire of a suave safari hunter

    … because who needs ghosts and goblins when you can chase a little lion and capture compliments instead!

    6. Duck Duck Goose (16-18)

    Recreate this fun Family Halloween Costume:

    If you’re a mommy of a toddler who just LOVES duck duck goose, this is the costume for your family this year.

    You’ll be quacking your way into the spotlight this Halloween as the feathered family of fun.

    7. Pokemon Characters (19-21)

    Recreate the cutest family halloween costumes:

    Again, another win for the millenial mama. The nostalgia is real!!

    This Halloween by forming the ultimate trio: become the electrifyingly cool Ash Ketchum, the adorable and iconic Pikachu, and the enigmatic Pokeball – because catching candy is just the first step to becoming a true Pokémon Master of Halloween!

    8. Ice Ice Baby (22-24)

    Recreate this funny family costume:

    This Halloween, give everyone a nostalgic brain freeze as your family steps right out of the ’90s jukebox and into someone’s doorstep as the one and only ‘ICE ICE BABY’

    It’s pretty funny as well!

    9. 3 Blind Mice (25-27)

    Recreate this family Halloween costume idea:

    In the event that you need a last minute costume, Turn heads and steal the cheese of attention this Halloween as you and your family transform into the notorious ‘Three Blind Mice’ – proving that even in the darkness of the night, your coordinated costumes will be the talk of the town

    no vision required!

    10. Team Rocket Family Costume Idea (28-30)

    Recreate this family halloween costume with a baby:

    In time, prepare for Halloween trouble and make it double the fun by rallying your family to become the mischievously iconic Team Rocket trio!

    Being bad will never look so good as this!

    11. Shark Attack (31-33)

    Recreate this fun family Halloween costume with a baby:

    Finally, I present the hands down the best coordinated costume I have seen yet and is so good that is HAS to be recreated. Plus, this is a cheap and easy costume to replicate.

    60 More of the cutest family Halloween costumes for 3

    *Each family member costume counts as 1*

    • breakfast (pancakes, eggs, and bacon)
    • Adams family
    • little mermaid (prince eric, ariel, sebastian)
    • haunted mansion characters 
    • Timmy and the fairy odd parents 
    • Ghost busters (baby as the ghost)
    • The whos and the Grinch (the baby as the grinch)
    • Rugrat family
    • Bluey
    •  Shrek characters (Shrek, fiona, and baby)
    • Cruella catcher and dalmatian (baby as the dalmatian)
    • Toy story characters: (Woody, bo peep and baby as the sheep) 
    • Scooby doo characters: (daphne, fred, baby as scooby doo) 
    • Super Mario, princess peach, and baby as the mushroom 
    • Wizard of oz (tin man, Dorthy, and baby as the lion)
    • The incrediabIncrediblesles family
    • Moana ,maui, and chicken 
    • Lilo and Stich characters: (Lilo, cobra bubbles, and baby as stich)
    • Austin powers family 
    • Cat and the hat characters: thing 1 ,and thing 2, baby as the cat in the hat

    These are the cutest family Halloween costumes

    In a world of spooky surprises and ghoulish getups, one thing is certain – the magic of Halloween is best experienced as a family.

    As we bid farewell to this guide celebrating the cutest family Halloween costumes, remember that the real treat lies not just in the candy but in the memories you create together. Whether you’re a team of daring superheroes, a crew of whimsical woodland creatures, or a bunch of playful pumpkins, the power of togetherness is the ultimate accessory that elevates any costume to a whole new level of adorable.

    So go ahead and let your creativity run wild, crafting memories that will linger long after the last jack-o’-lantern’s candle has flickered out. Here’s to the cutest family Halloween costumes and the endless joy they bring – now, let the spooktacular celebrations begin!

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