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Stocking stuffers are literally, the grand finale of a great Christmas season of shopping. However, finding high-quality and cherished items can be tough. If you are looking for really great self-care stocking stuffers at an affordable price, you’ve come the the right place. Keep reading and check out these gifts that your family will obsess over.

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This post is all about self-care gifts for woman

But wait, before we jump right in, let me introduce myself. Hi, I’m Char Dion, full-time mom and Certified Motherhood Self-care coach. Through this dedicated blog, I help moms reclaim themselves post-pregnancy and enjoy motherhood to the fullest! If you want 1:1 support to help you find balance as a mom, find solutions to eliminate those feeling of being overwhelmed and support around raising a baby and being a first time mom, click here! I’ll provide you with FREE workbooks and we will set off on a journey of rediscovery! 🙂

Trendiest Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Self-care stocking Stuffers for Women

1.facial ice massager //

2. Sheet mask bundle//

3. Roll on essential oil //

4. Portable Heating pad//

5. Makeup removal cleaning cloth//

6. Electric candle lighter //

Comfort Self-care gifts for Women

  1. Michael Kors Crossbody
  2. Portable Hand warmers
  3. Stanley Tumbler
  4. Victoria Secret Travel Fragrance Set
  5. Memory Foam Slippers
  6. Hair and Skin Satin Pillowcase

Non-physical self-care gifts

1.mindful self-care cards

2. Shower Bombs

3. Christmas Sheet masks

4. Christmas Cream Mask

5. Happy Sticky notes

6. Girls Guide to loving yourself

The ultimate self-care gifts for moms



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