Amazon Valentines Day Self-care Must Haves

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Look I get it! Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to cater to yourself for a hot date or even practice a little extra self-love. In this blog post we will get all into the top-rated Amazon Valentines Day self-care must-haves that all the gurlssss are chatting about. okay! Let’s go!

valentines day self-care
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Bath and Body Products

  1. Foot soak: Treat yourself to ultra-soft feet for an added luxury to your Valentine day self-care routine. This self-care basket comes with a foot scrubbing brush that works like a charm to get rid of any dead skin cells that maybe lingering around.
  2. Shower body oil: This body oil has been raved about by so many of our most famous influencers, so It wouldn’t be right if I left it out. Plus, if you are in your vanilla soft life era then this shower oil is perfect for you! It literally smells like Almonds.
  3. Ouai body cleanser: If you don’t already know the Ouai brand has taken the Skincare market by storm. Ouai products give you a touch of high-end luxury but on a budget. Make sure you add this cleanser to your cart and treat yourself to Valentine day self-care.
  4. Dry Brush set: Listen, for years I was turned off by the idea of brushing my skin. It just sounded like a terrible and ultra-painful idea. But, GIRLLL! TikTok has put me on. Dry brushing is not only great for exfoliating and curating healthy skin but, adds a sparkle of high-class self-indulgence. Definitely, add this to your Valentine day self-care.
  5. Osea Body Oil: That tiny dress that shows all your curves and a little extra skin needs this product to be moisturized. This body oil is so slept on but, I’m about to wake you right on up! If you like oils after a shower or on dry skin, either way, this oil will carry you through.
  6. Body Scrub: By far this is the best affordable body scrub on the market. My favorite scent is the Macadamia and coconut. 

Skin Care

  1. Tatcha Rice cleanser: We all love a good facial cleanser so I had to add it to this list and bless you will a cleanser to use in your Valentine’s day self-care treatment before your night out. Go ahead, wash your face with this milky cleanser, and enjoy glowy fresh skin on National Love Day aka Valentine’s day.
  2. Facial ice roller: While we are on this topic of a skincare routine. After applying your serums, it feels so good to roll this facial roller against your skin. Imagine your own at home spa day at home.
  3. Ordinary Facial serum: Now this is what I like to call self-care on a budget. The ordinary is a top skin care product that will make your skin feel lavish while you practice your Valentine’s day self-care routine.
  4. Red light therapy mask: Read light therapy is something I have been researching a lot lately. It’s definitely, a Hollywood treatment that you can indulge in at an affordable cost and at your own home. Don’t neglect this product for your Valentine day self-care.

Comfy and Relaxation

  1. Lavender Satchel Cozy Robe: It’s well known that Lavender is a great way to infuse your surroundings with a cozy and relaxing vibe. This is the robe to buy that not only offers a cozy touch to the skin but, stands out among the others on the market because it is infused with such a wonderful smell of Lavender.
  2. Aroma Therapy Heating Pad: If you can’t tell by now I love incorporating aromatherapy into any self care session. This heat pad is no different and will literally be your BFF when it comes to kicking back and healing your body inside and out.
  3. Moisturizing Gel Socks: Struggling with rough and cracked feet is not the vibe. Try putting on moisturizing gel socks when you are roaming around the house or add it to your valentines day self-care routine. I promise they will make your feet feel like you just got a fresh pedicure.
  4. Fuzzy Slippers: Listen sis! You’re Valentines day self-care night in, isn’t doing much at all if you aren’t floating gracefully around your house in super cozy slippers. These are top rated on Amazon because they are straight memory foam. Just get you some, okay!

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    1. Oil diffuser
    2. Neom candle
    3. La Jolie Muse Candle
    4. Neom sleep bath foam

    Home essentials

    Body Fragrance



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