Best Travel Stroller for Newborn Babies, Tested and Reviewed

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Finally, you can stop searching Google for “the best travel stroller for newborn babies”. In this post, I will go into great detail about everything you need in a stroller for your baby and which stroller company offers it in this article.

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Of course, I had to talk about the best travel stroller for newborns on the market because this blog is all about saving time and making life with kids a whole lot less stressful.

Enters the chat… the Doona!

The Doona stroller, the best travel stroller for newborn babies!

Best travel stroller for newborn

What is the best baby stroller to buy?

The best baby stroller to buy is the Doona stroller. The Doona stroller is a cutting-edge and adaptable travel option created especially for busy parents, especially those taking trips with infants and newborns. The Doona stroller stands out thanks to its innovative 2-in-1 design, which combines an infant car seat and a stroller into one item. This means there is no need for any additional accessories or parts to convert the car seat into a stroller.

Therefore, If you’re a mother who values efficiency for both yourself and the baby’s safety, read on as we examine the Doona stroller’s ins and outs and get to the heart of why this is the travel stroller you really need.

best travel stroller for newborn

This blog post is all about the best travel stroller for newborn babies

From the moment I saw the words “pregnant” digitally on that clear blue pregnancy test. My mind went spinning and all the things I needed to prepare for this new arrival populated in my mind. 

However, If you’re anything like me, what you know up front is that you absolutely DO NOT want to be one of those moms who arrive late to every event because it takes you 15 mins just to load and unload a car seat into a stroller. There’s no way you’re going to buy a heavy 3 part stroller, that requires you to pop the trunk of your Sedan to pull it out and then struggle to lift a heavy car seat into it. 

Or… be that mom at the airport, holding up the baggage claim line because you need to disassemble the stroller from the car seat with all eyes on you a baby on your hip.

No way! Jose!

All for the sake of having a stroller… no m’am… that’s was not me. And I refused. 

The thought of even having to do such a thing can really just stressed you out. Especially, When you need to make short trips and run a few errands. So I’ve done the research for you and I found the Doona stroller. If what I just described resonated with you then I KNOW for A FACT that you will love this stroller.  

Yet, as much as this stroller car seat duo is a plus for self-care loving mamas like me, there are some major downsides to it . 

So let’s talk .. 

What Kind Of Strollers Are Safe for Newborns?

Strollers that are safe for newborns cater to your baby’s limited head and neck control, choose a stroller with a completely reclining seat or a flat recline option. A good suspension system, an adjustable canopy for sun protection, and a safe five-point harness are all desirable features.

Above all, convertible strollers offer practical solutions, lockable swivel wheels, and trustworthy brakes to improve agility and stability. When purchasing a stroller, Place emphasis on durability and compliance with safety regulations by searching for strollers that have been evaluated to ensure compliance with safety criteria set by groups like the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA).

The Doona As The Best Travel Stroller For Newborn Babies: Review

In particular, we purchased the Doona Stroller the Christmas after having Jeremiah. It was very much a very pricey splurge for us. However, I can speak with authority when saying that it was very much needed and we got our money’s worth of use with this stroller.

Durning this time, the baby and I took the train together to work in Washington, DC every day; he attended daycare in the same building. I thought about utilizing the standard stroller and car seat system that I received as a baby shower present…But I never did since I knew it would be a nuisance to put together each morning in the freezing cold.

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    With each commute I was able to use the Doona to switch between being a stroller and a car seat within seconds. This eliminates the need to bring along two different, cumbersome items. It also frees up storage room in your car by not needing to place a big infant stroller in the trunk. (RN, You may not think its a big deal, but believe me… having trunk space in your car is very much needed as a mom)

    How To Use The Doona While Traveling?

    Step-by-step guide on how to use the Doona

    The Doona stroller is the best travel stroller for newborn babies because of it’s light weight frame and super easy usability for busy mamas on the go.

    Converting from Car Seat to Stroller:

    1. Unlock the car seat from the base:
    2. Pressing the Release Lever: While holding the doona slighly off the ground pull up on the release handle for the wheels to unfold into a stroller
    3. Unlock the brakes: The breaks can be found on the back of the stroller near the back wheels. Step on the red labeled break to release the locking mechanism.
    4. Adjusting the Handlebar: The Doona stroller has an adjustable handlebar, you can set it to a comfortable height for pushing.

    Converting from Stroller to Car Seat:

    1. Lock the wheels of the stroller: Before transitioning back to car seat mode, ensure that the wheels are locked.
    2. Adjusting the Handlebar: reduce the height of the handlebar of the Doona for easy lifting once the stroller is converted into a car seat.
    3. Pressing the Release Lever Press down: While holding the release lever up, push down in a forward motion to safely collapse the stroller into a car seat. NEVER let go of the car seat causing it to slam down.
    4. Place in car: Place the car seat in base or use seatbelt in the car to secure the car seat in place.

    Traveling With the Best Travel Stroller for Newborn Babies

    Best travel stroller for airplane

    Tips for Flying With The Doona

    best travel stroller for flying

    Tips for Road Trips With The Doona

    Mama, believe me when I say, I understand. The mere thought of embarking on a long-distance road trip with your little one can bring forth a flurry of worries and uncertainties.

    I moved across country when my son was ONLY FOUR MONTHS OLD. Yes! We were the crazies to drive 14 hours in the car with a newborn. I had all the worries you’re possibly thinking in your head.

    Will your baby be comfortable?

    How will you manage the endless stops?

    Can you keep them entertained? Take a deep breath, because you’re in the right place. And I’m here to tell you, it can easily be done, minus the stress.

    Take as many driving breaks as you need: Long trips often mean frequent stops, which can disrupt your baby’s routine and make you question the feasibility of the journey. Again, I had the Doona so I felt comfort in stopping to stretch my legs outside of the car.

    Yes, even with the baby sleeping.

    That’s the luxury of having the Doona. The Doona Car Seat Stroller allows you to smoothly transition from driving to strolling without disturbing your infant’s nap. With the Doona, you can make the most of your breaks while keeping your baby content.

    Make sure your baby has a car seat that is properly installed: The road is unpredictable, and as a mom, safety is paramount. The Doona comes with a car seat base equipped with clear notification of proper/improper installation.

    At the face of the base there is a red release button which will appear if the car seat is not installed or installed improperly. Shifting the car seat in place the release button will appear as green to signify that your child is properly locked in place for the ride.

    Many #DoonaMoms absolutely love that the Doona is engineered with advanced safety features, offering you peace of mind during any journey. Its impeccable design and adherence to strict safety standards ensure that your baby is cocooned in a protective haven, shielding them from the uncertainties of the road.

    Ride in the backseat: Make the trip with someone so you can ride in the backseat. If you’re making a long road trip because you are moving like I was, the Doona is certainly going to be your road trip BFF!

    Packing the car for a long-distance journey can be a daunting task, especially with The Doona takes up a very small amount of space in your backseat as well as in your car trunk (because there isn’t a big bulky stroller, YAY!)

    Which leaves you with ample space for all the essentials. You can bid farewell to that stressful thought.

    This is post is probably one of those “just trust me on it” thing because I KNOW that the Doona’s space-saving brilliance just automatically lets you focus on what truly matters – being a stress-free hands on mama.

    Doona Car Seat Stroller Colors

    Where To Buy Doona?

    By the way, you can buy a Doona at any of the locations listed below. Price varies depending on the retailer. However, the price remains generally in the range of $500-$550

    • Target
    • Nordstrom
    • Amazon
    • BuyBuyBaby
    • Pottery Barn Kids
    • Doona USA

    Accessories For The Doona

    What experts have to say about the Doona?

    Pros vs. Cons

    Best Travel Stroller for flying

    Additional considerations for the best travel strollers

    Here are some fun reels from moms who had some great advice to share about things to consider when purchasing strollers.

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    This was a detailed guide to the Doona as the best travel stroller for newborn babies

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